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Date: 14th May 2016
Closed Cooling
If you are going to buy cheap and high quality closed cooling from one of the best closed cooling manufacturers,Website:http://www.wuxifangzhou.com, or you are going to check the price with a such factory, Fangzhou Water Cooling Equipment Co.Ltd is always at your service.Product Description?Woxin's closed cooling tower is professional in many production process, our product are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial refrigeration and beer, beverage, food, low- temperature processing, refrigeration, air conductioning and other building areas.Characteristic1. Using the counterflow cooling way; few cooling blind area, high thermal efficiency;2. Professional and efficient water collector, Control the running floating rate is less or equal to 0.001%;3. High air duct design, make sure the equipment to meet the demand of cooling air flow rate in operation;4. Reduce the occupied area compare to other forms of cooling tower, meet the users' space demanding;5. The tank adopts closed loop, eliminate clutters go into the tower body to produce spraying blocked.