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Date: 3rd June 2016
FKH Square Cross flow Open Cooling Tower
If you are going to buy cheap and high quality fkh square cross flow open cooling tower from one of the best fkh square cross flow open cooling tower manufacturers,Website:http://www.wuxifangzhou.com, or you are going to check the price with a such factory, Fangzhou Water Cooling Equipment Co.Ltd is always at your service.Characteristics of product1.International design working condition of the cooling tower: water inlet temperature t1=37??water outlet temperature t2=32?; wet bulb temperature t=28?; dry-bulb temperature=31.5?; atmospheric pressure=9.94x104Pa.2.The standard cooling tower of the company is designed according to the national working condition. We can also provide special design for non-standard working condition to customers.3.Due to site limitation or modeling requirement, the company especially design and custom make the cooling tower according required dimensions. Contact us for details.4.Base bearing surfaces are in a same horizontal plane and its elevation and each dimension error is less than 5mm.5.Base height of the cooling tower should be determined according to the pipe diameter of the water outlet pipe and installation height.6.Our company will provide connection balance pipe and balance base plate water leved when assembling two or more than two towers.7.If users require our company increase the water outlet flange bore diameter, please note it when ordering.8.The measuring point for noise at from the Dm point if the cooling tower equivalent diameter.9.Pipe connecting chart is the pipe connecting position dimension of one unit, multiple units assembly is in the same way.10.When a different models tower are connected, the base plate water level height of different model tower must be considered to adjust basic height to maintain the water level balance of all towers.?Working principle:??Technical parameters:??Applications?? Induction heating equipment, and diathermy device?? High/ medium frequency power supply, and IGBT quenching equipment?? Die casting machine, injection molding machine?? Rectifier equipment, and resistance welding machine?? Other water equipment with higher requirements on water quality and water temperature.