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Date: 14th May 2016
Hot And Cold Switching
If you are going to buy cheap and high quality hot and cold switching from one of the best cold heat exchanger manufacturers,Website:http://www.wuxifangzhou.com, or you are going to check the price with a such factory, Fangzhou Water Cooling Equipment Co.Ltd is always at your service. Water - water cooling unit is the use of plate heat exchanger to the means of heat exchange equipment, widely used in liquid - liquid heat exchange. Oil - water heat exchanger, water - liquid heat exchange. This product use water-cooled thyristor medium frequency power supply, high power silicon rectifier, high frequency power supply and water cooled induction coil of petrochemical industry, electric furnace, such as pharmaceutical, food, paper making, machinery, metallurgy, shipbuilding, power generation, etc. The electrical equipment of the cooling water quality have higher requirements, as cooling protection machine.? The characteristics of? Change it has high thermal efficiency, compact structure, covers an area of small, the use of special corrugated corrugated structure optimization design and assembly of the medium under low speed, forming a sharp turbulence strengthening heat transfer.? System design is reasonable, small heat loss, friction small, energy consumption by 20% - 20% less than other similar products, thermal recovery is over 95%, reducing the production cost.? In the operation of the system in for soft water circulation cooling medium, can effectively prevent the fouling in cooling water, congestion, the water quality is good, such as large water resistance properties, can prevent the host load creepage of electrical breakdown phenomenon, make the host load (by cooling equipment), under the temperature (temperature) of below long-term safe operation.? For its high automated process control system, strong sensitivity, temperature accurately, the fluctuation is small, the use of advanced technology, intelligent automatic control.? For its simple operation, easy to clean concise, beautiful appearance, economical and practical.? Water, water cooling unit specification and technical parameter table?