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Date: 14th May 2016
Sewage Cooling Tower
If you are going to buy cheap and high quality sewage cooling tower from one of the best sewage cooling tower manufacturers,Website:http://www.wuxifangzhou.com, or you are going to check the price with a such factory, Fangzhou Water Cooling Equipment Co.Ltd is always at your service.1) according to the noise level is divided into:Regular (P), low noise (C) (D), ultra low noise type, addition (G)2) according to the tower structure classification with square and circular towers.Design and selection:1) the cooling tower should be high efficiency, energy consumption province, low noise, light weight, small volume, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, less water.2) choose product cooling tower should be consistent with the glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower part 2: large glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower "requirements in GB 7190.2 1997.3) condition and low temperature type cooling tower's standard conditions such as the design rules for the larger gap, shall be provided according to the product sample of the thermal performance curve is selected.4) provided by the manufacturer of thermal performance curves, such as using simulated test data on the tower, should be based on the simulation test conditions and the design of the tower tower of the differences in operating conditions, to correction of simulation test data of the tower, the correction coefficient is 0.80 ~ 1.00.5) the position of the cooling tower, should keep a certain distance between with buildings, and avoid arranged near the heat source, exhaust gas and flue gas discharge outlet, such as can not meet the above requirements, technical measures should be taken, at the same time to check the thermal performance.6) should be no oil in the circulating cooling water and the material of glass fiber reinforced plastic dissolution, the turbidity of water should not be greater than 50 mg/L. And algae and water quality stability measures should be taken.7) design of circulating water should not be more than the finished rating of the cooling tower water, such as cycle water amounted to less than 80% of the rated water, deal with the selected cooling tower water distribution system for checking.8) the number of cooling tower should match the air conditioning refrigeration unit number.9) according to the urban regional environmental noise standard GB3096-1993 of the civil construction noise control requirements, can be calculated by the space of noise attenuation, choose low or ultra-low noise cooling tower, if still cannot satisfy the environmental noise index, should further noise reduction measures.10) should be set up near the cooling tower roof hydrant and flushing facilities, as the fire extinguishing and flushing water spray packing and the tower body sedimentary content.11) cooling tower material should choose flame retardant, and conform to the requirements of the fire, should be marked in the main equipment list and order contracts.12) when you finished the cooling tower should be paid attention to with the electrical control and coordination.